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Our team is driven to provide high quality and value TURNKEY PROJECT solutions for business, while maintaining the high standards of our clients' industries demand.



Our Built to Suit solution provides companies optimal solutions to manage and finance their own warehouse projects.

Why choose for TUNRKEY & Built to Suit Project?

By developing build-to-suit factory, we assist business to to find an appropriate location, plan and customize a new manufacturing facility to meet their requirement and needs within acceptable timeline.

In a build-to-suit lease, a customer works with a developer to design and build a customized factory and then leases it from the developer. Under this structure, the customer need not own the factory. As a result, real estate resources can be directed to other areas to grow the business while strengthening the balance sheet. The end result is a new, customized factory premises with a very low expenditure of capital.

For business owners, a build-to-suit lease arrangement permits the company to move into a new, customised factory premises much faster than if they were to build independently. It also permits the company to keep its focus on growth without the myriad distractions, time commitment, and capital drain that a build-to-own decision entails. A build-to-suit lease also yields a customized factory designed to enhance the company’s image, productivity, and logistics. These critical factors are often compromised when leasing an existing  factory.

Advantages of build to suit lease

The advantages of a build-to-suit development include:

  • Provides the tenant or company the opportunity for input into the design and construction of the building.

  • Allows for the most efficient use of the interior space since it is designed to meet the specific needs of the tenant.

  • Allows the developer to install the latest, most energy efficient and cost-effective systems, including state-of-the-art technology and construction materials, to reduce a property’s operating and occupancy costs.

  • Often means the tenant will have space available to lease to other tenants or for future expansion.

The benefits of using the build-to-suit lease approach are numerous:


Low capital investment and financing risk
Instead of committing high real estate resources and bearing real estate-related risk, you will now be able to allocate the company capital for operational resources. Through the process of taking on most of the financing, developing and construction management responsibilities, we allow you to focus more time and resources on the operations. With long-term indebtedness on balance sheets eliminated, you will have more confidence in making alternative investments, yet with long term lease and renewal option you can still enjoy complete control of the factory for its economic life. Also, with purchase option, you may purchase the factory if the economic/market conditions warrant such action. 

Maximum space efficiency
It allows you to achieve maximum space efficiency since the space is designed specifically to meet your operation’s needs. New construction allows you to incorporate the most cost-effective and efficient systems in the project including energy saving, fire fighting and logistic aspects, thereby reducing operating and occupancy costs.

Corporate image
The building will be designed to project the company's image. 

No hassle and bustle
Building a new factory involves a significant investment of time and financial resources. We are able to divert all your attention and resources away from the often complex and cumbersome responsibilities associated with building a new factory. We absorb the time consuming tasks associated with development such as site acquisition, selecting contractors, preparing drawings, obtaining bids, procuring financing, construction, securing permits, etc. and allow you to concentrate on your business. 


We are ready to put our years of experiences in developing Built to Suit facilities, tailored to customers' specific requirements on the extensive choice of land in a wide range of locations.

Each step is the fundamental process for custom developing the warehouses to meet with the specific requirements of 

STEP 1: DETERMINING THE CUSTOMER'S REQUIREMENTS is the initial step allowing us to understand the specific needs and requirements of each customer, including the details of all activities to be carried out inside the warehouse. Storage (type and number of racking system), inbound receiving, dispatching (preparing and checking products for outbound), value-added activities (e.g. Re-labeling and re-packing), number of workers, office space, battery charging area for forklifts, and other facilities (e.g. Canteens and parking area). This information is essential for specifying the warehouse space and land area. The size of warehouse and land can be determined precisely as more details are provided by the customers.

Furthermore, the information gathered from the customer, covering all stages of the supply chain, is necessary for selecting the ideal location to develop the facility. The selected location must be able to satisfy the customer in achieving the minimum cost and time of distribution, while also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the logistics operation.

STEP 2: CONCEPTUAL DESIGN of the warehouse is derived from the customer's requirements and is presented in visual format. The size and layout of the warehouse must be carefully designed based on the sequence of working process to enhance the smoothness in operation of the customer. After specifying the size and layout of the warehouse, the size and the shape of land can be determined accurately. With the conceptual design, the customer is able to turn their ideal warehouse into reality.


STEP 3: SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL AND RENTAL BUDGET is the necessary step to confirm and ensure that the customer agrees to the terms and conditions regarding the design and specifications of the warehouse, as well as the rental.


STEP 4: SIGNING OF THE AGREEMENT FOR LEASE between the customer and us is required before starting the development of a Built to Suit project.


STEP 5: DEFINITIVE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION is the step where both customer and our team must work very closely to settle the definitive design and layout of the ware- house. The schedule must be well planned in order to complete the construction and handover the warehouse to the customer on time.


STEP 6: SIGNING OF LEASE AGREEMENT AND HANDOVER THE WAREHOUSE is the final step of the development process. The customer and complete the lease agreements in pre-agreed form and will hand over possession of the Built to Suit warehouse to the customer.


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